Data-Driven Insights -  Marketing Strategy


A Unique Strength of Trace Research - No 1 Chinese Consumer Insights in New Zealand

Trace established the first and the largest Chinese immigrants research panel in NZ.

Trace conducted 1st Chinese Safety Perception of NZ Survey in 2016 (n=11,675), 1st political opinion survey for New Zealand Asian Leaders (founded by Mai Chen), 1st Chinese New Zealanders Political Poll (WTV-Trace Chinese Poll, n=1,250) in April & August 2017, 1st Chinese Immigrants Life & Work Survey for the University of Auckland in December 2017, 1st Chinese Migrants Domestic Travel Survey in Feb 2018, and 1st New Chinese Immigrants Air Passenger Survey in March 2018. 

Customer Feedback & Tracking

Periodic or continuous in-market research to monitor a brand’s performance using measures such as brand awareness, brand preference/perception, satisfaction and product/service usage

Advertising Effectiveness Research

Used to predict copy testing or track the efficacy of advertisements for any medium, measured by the ad’s ability to get, communicate the message, build the brand’s image, and motivate the consumer to purchase the product or service

Social & Political Poll

A poll that asks a sample of national representative people for their feelings on a particular political issue, such as what they think of a political party, a Member of Parliament and current political policies

Brand Equity Research

How favourably do consumers view the brand? What do consumers associate with the brand? What are the key traits that describe the brand promise? How does the target market see the brand relative to competitors? What does the brand stand for?

Customer Engagement Research

Quantitative or qualitative studies that yields an understanding of a customer's engagement with a brand and service offerings

Competitive Landscape Research & Market Validation

To identify gaps in the market by utilising secondary research that focuses on business competitors in the market/segments

Marketing Effectiveness & Analytics

Building statistical models and measuring results to determine the effectiveness of individual marketing activities

Price Elasticity Testing & Demand Estimation

To determine how sensitive customers are to price changes; to determine the approximate level of demand for the product

Segmentation Research

To determine the demographic, psychographic, cultural, and behavioural characteristics of potential buyers